, 29. November 2015
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Here, please find our latest press news and publications


The new KRONENFLEX cutting-off wheels made by Klingspor


Klingspor will be presenting no fewer than three new high-performance cutting-off wheels at the International Hardware Fair in Cologne, March 9-12, 2014. These new products are distinguished by their increased aggressiveness and service life and live up to the high safety standards customers have come to expect from the company. Packaged in the air-tight Kronenflex box, the cutting-off wheels remain fresh longer than they would if stored in conventional boxes, thereby guaranteeing customers a performance boost of up to 40%.

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The new abrasive mop discs made by Klingspor


Klingspor expands their range of abrasive mop discs by no fewer than five new products. The new product line-up is characterized by new discs for an enhanced power transfer to the workpiece,
and new abrasive cloths for optimized wear properties as well as a new structure that groups the products into three application categories that reflect their opti-mization level in terms of service life and aggressiveness. These latest additions will make be revealed at Klingspor's booth at the International Hardware Fair in Cologne, March 9-12, 2014.

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Klingspor expands their line of self-adhive (Velcro) Discs and presents a new multicompatible backing pad


Klingspor expands their range of self-adhesive discs and presents new professional tools suitable for the most signifi-cant applications involving hand-guided machines fitted with self-adhesive plates. The new product range is complemented by a new backing pad that offers superior quality and versatility.

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More than 400 participants per year 12.08.2013
KLINGSPOR imparts expert knowledge to customers and employees at its training centre

The KLINGSPOR currently encompasses over 50,000 different grinding tools including the corresponding accessories. This is a boon for professionals who do grinding work, and for less experienced users sometimes...

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Hot discs for cool grinding 25.01.2013
KLINGSPOR presents new fiber discs FS 764 ACT and FS 966 ACT

With the new fiber discs FS 966 ACT and FS 764 ACT KLINGSPOR presents two new high-performance products for hand grinding of steel and stainless steel. At the core of the two new discs is the Advanced Coating Technology (ACT) developed ...

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Abrasives manufacturer KLINGSPOR opens new location in Santiago 10.09.2012
Hessian family firm invests €3.5 million in international growth

Haiger, 10. September 2012 – Last Friday, in front of 300 guests, the manufacturer of abrasives KLINGSPOR officially opened the new company premises of its Chilean sales company KLINGSPOR Chile Ltda. at El Quillay 1307 in Santiago de Chile...

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KLINGSPOR exhibit at the International Hardware Fair a great success 09.03.2012
Haiger-based abrasives manufacturer very satisfied with results of the fair and feedback on new products

KLINGSPOR's exhibit at the 38th International Hardware Fair from March 4-7 in Cologne was a great success. At the largest ...

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T 60 AZ Special 01.03.2012
The new high-performance cutting disc from KLINGSPOR

KLINGSPOR, inventor of high-speed abrasive tools, now presents the T 60 AZ Special, an innovative high-performance cutting disc...

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SMT 850 Plus and MFW 600 01.03.2012
The new tool combination for stainless steel finishing

KLINGSPOR presents the SMT 850 plus and the MFW 600, two professional tools for use on stainless steel, especially for weld seam processing...

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T 24 AX Special 01.03.2012
The high-performance cutting disc for all track types

KLINGSPOR presents the T 24 AX Special, a new high-performance cutting disc for railway construction. Thanks to an innovative production...

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The new KLINGSPOR diamond cutting disc assortment 01.03.2012
Smoother operation and higher resistance to breaking

KLINGSPOR has expanded and updated its assortment of diamond cutting discs. Special forged segments...

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The new KLINGSPOR diamond cutting tools 01.03.2012
The new diamond-tipped drilling tools and abrasive discs round out the assortment of diamond products from KLINGSPOR

KLINGSPOR has added new diamond drills and bits and abrasive discs to its extensive assortment of diamond tools. As in the case of KLINGSPOR diamond cutting discs...

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The new KLINGSPOR diamond cutting blades 30.01.2012
A product assortment for all applications

KLINGSPOR, a leading manufacturer of abrasives for retail sale, has expanded and updated its assortment of diamond cutting blades. Sub-divided into the three utilization classes...

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Top Sellers for Metalworking Professionals 01.03.2010
KLINGSPOR presents its catalog for professional abrasive tools for metalworking, plant construction, and for maintenance

First and foremost, professional users of abrasive tools need one thing for their daily work: Professional tools. Depending on the application the key factors in this regard are...

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KLINGSPOR extends its product programme 01.10.2009
Tungsten Carbide Burrs - small tools with great efficiency

They are small but fine and if required also aggressive! The programme is from KLINGSPOR with the addition of...

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KLINGSPOR extends its product programme 01.10.2009
Quick Change Discs for intricate grinding and blending with speedy setup times.

Quick Change Discs (QCD) extension to the already broad abrasive programme offered by KLINGSPOR for an important industry sector...

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KLINGSPOR A 46 VZ Duplex 10.05.2009
one for both  

The new KLINGSPOR A 46 VZ Duplex super-thin cutting and grinding disc combines effective cutting and safe grinding in one disc. With the A 46 VZ Duplex KLINGSPOR sets new standards in terms of economy...

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Professional standard tool for stainless steel grinding 10.03.2009
New SMT 696 from KLINGSPOR with ceramic grit

The very best results in the shortest time! This is possibly the best way of describing the new KLINGSPOR abrasive mop disc SMT 696 for stainless steel processing. It is fitted...

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New KLINGSPOR – cutting-off wheel with increased lateral stability 10.02.2009
A 24 R Supra Ø 400mm with good performance and improved product safety

Stationary, hand-held machines are indeed provided with a mounting, which makes it possible to guide the wheel when cutting and to stabilise it against side...

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Abrasive mop discs made by KLINGSPOR – well-rounded 22.02.2008

A major factor for the success of a company is the degree of its technological expertise and innovative ability....

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Customised product presentation for the specialised trade 22.01.2008

KLINGSPOR D.I.Y. range in a new outfit

The manufacturer of abrasive tools KLINGSPOR presents its new Do-It-Yourself range for hand-held machines at the trade fair for tools PRACTICAL WORLD in Cologne. The Do-It-Yourself sector enjoys....

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Razor sharp and easy-cutting 04.06.2007

KLINGSPOR with new high-performance cutting-off wheel

Shorter cutting times through better cutting performance and this with less effort, these are only some of the advantages of the new 1 mm thin....

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Due to ACT clogging of abrasive belts is noticeably delayed
 KLINGSPOR develops new technology for wood working

In May the abrasives manufacturer KLINGSPOR will present its revised and extended range of abrasives with ACT (Advanced Coating Technology) for wood working....

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More than only sponsoring
Successful cooperation between KLINGSPOR and the German skeleton team

Sponsoring is particularly effective when the cooperation exceeds the financial support respectively the presentation in public. A cooperation like for example between the manufacturer of abrasive products KLINGSPOR and the German skeleton team....

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