Tuesday, 1. December 2015
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MFW 600
High performance non-woven web wheels for a perfect finish

KLINGSPOR non-woven web wheels are characterized by a high level of production quality and safety.
The excellent quality of our non-woven web wheels is guaranteed through a highly standardized manufacturing process.

The basic fibres are interlocked with needles to form a non-woven web. Through a special coating procedure the mixture of bonding agent and grain saturates the non-woven web throughout the entire wheel. As a result, during the grinding process the abrasives are continuously renewed, thus assuring a constant grinding performance.

The open structure of the wheel reduces clogging and its fl exibility allows an excellent adaptability to the respective surface profile.

Test the quality and performance! Your test package contains: 

  • 2 red discs for a high rate of stock removal 
  • 1 grey disc for blending
  • 1 blue disc for finishing
  • 1 green disc for polishing

The perfect duo for stainless steel surfaces:
The MFW 600 non-woven wheel and our new
SMT 850 plus abrasive mop disc


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