Tuesday, 1. December 2015
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SMT 850 plus – The multipurpose abrasive mop disc
Perfect combination of non-woven web and abrasives

The perfect interplay between high-quality non-woven fabric and coated abrasives guarantees a high rate of stock removal together with a highquality surface finish.

The best of two products – now in one disc!
Active abrasive additives provide for aggressive grinding behavior in the SMT 850 plus.

Three different grades – coarse, medium and very fine – cover the entire range of applications and ensure optimal stock removal and finishing properties.

Your advantage:
Fewer processing steps, reduction of machining times and therefore: lower costs.

Applications / industries:

  • Railing construction
  • Stair construction
  • General stainless steel machining
  • Food industry
  • Tank construction
  • Design furniture in stainless steel
  • Vehicle construction

Application examples:

  • Removal and fi nishing of WIG welding seams on stainless steel pipes or sheets
  • Adaptation of the surface appearance
  • Light deburring tasks (only with coarse grade)
  • Stock removal and finishing in one step


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