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Metal is not like metal

Since the beginning of the bronze age, in the Third Millennium B.C., man has used the grinding process for working on objects of every day life of metal, such as arms and tools.

Under the term of "metal", on the one hand, ferrous materials are combined which in turn are subdivided in steels and iron casting materials, on the other hand non-ferrous metals with the subgroups of heavy and light metals.
But metal is not like metal. So manifold the groups of metals and their specific properties are so diverse and also the demands made to their processing. Also today there is hardly any metalic product whose production process inlcudes no grinding operation - whether for true to size manufacture, for polising surfaces or for improving the surface features of a workpiece.
Especially in metalworking the use of the wrong abrasive grain or the wrong backing has an important effect on the grinding result or the service life of the abrasive.

Everything from one source
KLINGSPOR has coated abrasives in various qualities and designs, like belts, sheets and rolls, in addition cutting-off wheels and grinding discs, abrasive mops (Schleifmop®) , abrasive mop discs, small finishing mops as well as flexible abrasives.
Whichever metal you want to work on, we provide you with the suitable abrasive!


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