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Coated abrasives with additional coating

During working of soft substances that become adhesive under exposure to heat like paints, varnishes, plastics the grinding dust can cause a "clogging" of the abrasive paper through local heating up. In this case the dust accumulates in the spaces between the abrasive grains and provides an additional "bond". This causes the waste material to fill to the same hight as the abrasive grains thus making the cutting effect ineffective. In order to avoid this effect coated abrasives can be coated with a non-stick material, a so-called stearate. The stearate on a coated abrasive, like for example the KLINGSPOR - Antistatic PS 27 DW and PS33BW/CW, prevents premature clogging of the abrasive belt or disc and is particularly suited for application on high-quality varnish surfaces.

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