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News from the World of Klingspor

Nov 05, 2018

Smoothing the seams

Anyone who has to process weld seams with an angle grinder has a choice of three types of grinding disc. The grinding disc, fibre disc and abrasive mop disc differ in more than just their physical characteristics. We asked two users which criteria matter to them when choosing their tool. ... Read more
Nov 05, 2018

The secret of the grain

Fast and precise processing with significantly less noise. The new DT 900 US Special diamond cutting-off wheel from Klingspor makes this possible thanks to its special technology. ... Read more
Oct 16, 2018

R-Flex: The specialist unit

Whether it be in the home or in industry - elastic abrasives in the R-Flex series from Klingspor are ideal for the fine grinding of various types of metal surfaces. ... Read more
Aug 27, 2018

Family-friendly. Distinguished. Klingspor.

Klingspor is recognized with the “UnternehmensWERT Familie! Award” ... Read more
Jul 26, 2018

Grinding tips for professionals - Part 3

Every fibre disc requires a suitable backing pad. It ensures stability, optimum distribution of force, and safety when working. If the pad is worn, the performance of the grinding discs suffers – and it’s high time they were replaced. ... Read more
Jul 26, 2018

125 years promotional packages

Spring offer. Klingspor has managed to secure three promotional packages for its customers. ... Read more
Jul 25, 2018

Grinding tips for professionals - Part 2

Remove material and create a polished finish at the same time? You can attain just that if you opt for Klingspor's SMT 850 plus Special abrasive mop disc - better still, all in one single work step. The trick: a highly unique combination of flaps. ... Read more
Jul 01, 2018

Grinding tips for professionals - Part 1

The WSM 617 abrasive mop wheel from Klingspor is a true all-rounder that can be used on all angle grinders – without an additional adaptor or tool! ... Read more