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Abrasive Technology
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Leather is made of animal skin that is made durable by chemical tanning and retains its natural fibre structure almost entirely. (Source: Wikipedia)

When leather is sanded, the leather top surface (grain side) or the reverse side (flesh side) is pointed or polished using abrasive paper that rotates on a roll. The objective behind this type of machining is to create a uniform visual appearance of the material.

The sanding of the top side gives it a slight nap. When processed in this way, the leather is called nubuck leather.
When smooth leather is sanded to even out its top surface, the tanner also refers this process as buffing. The term buffing is also used to describe the process of smoothing scars in the leather. (Source:

Klingspor's assortment of coated abrasives includes an extensive selection of abrasives designed for leather processing.

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