Career starters and apprentices

"Get in well. Get far. Make it big."

That is the motto of professional training at Klingspor. You can see exactly what that means in our brand-new video on professional training at Klingspor. The film provides exciting insights into everyday training at Klingspor and impressively shows, why commercial or industrial vocational training is a great decision.

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Great job. With security.

Klingspor offers regular professional training and work experience placements in commercial and industrial occupations. Our training will give you a solid basis from which to launch your career. Following your successful professional training and employment, numerous opportunities for development and promotion will be open to you in the form of advanced training or dual degree programmes. We look forward to receiving your application!

A safe way to the future

As a future-oriented company, Klingspor employs an average of 30 to 40 trainees in various professions at its site in Haiger. The dual education at our company and vocational college allows you to acquire both theoretical and practical skills during your training. We will also provide you with additional training and promotion opportunities through our in-house plant training.

Training for commercial occupations is provided in all administrative departments, while industrial/technical training is provided in our specially equipped training workshop. Other professions receive training in the respective departments. With solid professional training, good employment opportunities, flexible working hours and good financial and social benefits, we can offer you an outstanding basis for a successful start to your professional future.

Training professions

Chemical laboratory assistant (m/f/d)
Electronics engineer (m/f/d)
Industrial engineer (m/f/d)
Warehouse logistics technician (m/f/d)
Machine operator (m/f/d)
Cutting machine operator (m/f/d)
Industrial clerk (m/f/d)