Klingspor Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct describes Klingspors fundamental value system in a short and clear form. If you are ever unsure how to behave in a specific situation, this Code of Conduct is intended to help you find an appropriate course of action.

Who we are

Klingspor is a family-owned company with over 125 years of tradition. Founded in Germany, the Klingspor Group today comprises of over 35 companies, on all continents.

An important foundation for this success is our corporate culture, which is based on the following cornerstones:

  • the integrity of our actions
  • the sustainability of our growth and actions
  • the quality and safety of our products
  • the promotion of innovations

Integrity of our actions

Honesty, respect, reliability and fairness determine our business policy and our actions. This means that every employee worldwide can always refer to the following guiding principle in cases of doubt:

"Klingspor always expects fair conduct and integrity, from the employee to the General Manager!"

Compliance with laws

It is a matter of course for us to comply with local and international laws, as well as with all internal guidelines and instructions. Klingspors business success is only possible in fair competition. We therefore avoid any unfair competitive behavior, in particular anti-competitive agreements with customers, suppliers or competitors and any violations of antitrust law. Due to the often broadly defined laws, particular care must be taken in communications with competitors, especially in associations, not to inadvertently exchange antitrust information.

No discrimination

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination based on, for example, ethnicity, nationality, gender, cultural background , age, disability, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

Any form of sexual harassment or bullying will not be tolerated in the Klingspor Group.

Responsible handling of company property

We treat the property of Klingspor with care, we don’t use it for private purposes and we don’t make it available to third parties. Exceptions to this principle requires the prior express approval of the supervisor. In the same way, internal information of the company, in particular all company and business secrets, may only be used, stored or reproduced for the proper conduct of business.

Avoidance of conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest can lead to risks for the company and put the employees concerned in a personal situation that makes it difficult to make correct decisions or gives the appearance that correct conduct in the interests of the company is at risk. For this reason, we aim to avoid conflicts of interest from the outset wherever possible. As employees of Klingspor, we therefore do not accept any secondary employment with competitors, customers or suppliers, nor do we participate financially in them (unless it is a publicly traded company or we have permission from our supervisor.

As a general rule, family, personal or financial relationships that may negatively influence objective decision-making in a specific situation must be reported to the supervisor in order to decide how to proceed in that case.

During the daily working hours, each employee uses his or her entire working capacity for the company, which means that no sideline activities for other employers or other private activities are performed.

No corruption

We in the Klingspor Group do not accept corruption. Details and instructions for action on the subject of corruption can be found in our Anti-Corruption Policy, which is binding.

Even relatively small local corruption cases, in addition to the local legal consequences, can have far- reaching negative effects for the Group because the reputation of Klingspor can be damaged worldwide and because, for example, major international customers immediately cease cooperation. Therefore, all employees and directors in the Klingspor Group are called upon to take immediate and decisive action against any incident of corruption and to discontinue the relationship with corrupt business partners.

In connection with the issue of corruption, it is also applies, based on respective managing position/function at Klingspor, may not require another colleague - especially an employee who reports to them - to provide services for the manager privately or to give them goods privately that would not otherwise have been received in this way.

If corruption is suspected, please contact your supervisor, the local management or the management of MKG. If in a rare exception this is not possible for personal reasons or fear of reprisal, please use the ombudsman process (see below).

IT Security

As employees of Klingspor, we undertake to comply with the security precautions and instructions taken by the IT department at company headquarters in Haiger to prevent data loss and protect against cybercrime.

When dealing with devices used for business purposes, always ensure that they are used responsibly in order to avoid loss of, or damage to data and IT systems. In addition to general precautions, this also includes ensuring that only the data that is actually required is stored on portable devices, if possible, and that old data that is no longer required is deleted.

We comply with data protection laws, both with regard to the personal data of employees and in dealing with the data of third parties such as customers and suppliers.

Sustainability of our growth and actions

Our growth is sustainable both in terms of our business and in terms of our employees and locations. We use resources as sparingly as possible.

Dealing with business partners

We can only achieve sustainable growth if we know how to win new customers and build long-term relationships with existing customers for mutual success. In order to achieve this, the focus must always be on the long-term successful supply of our customers in all main and secondary processes within the Klingspor Group. This also includes every employee in departments without any customer contact. They must always be aware that they are indirectly a link in the chain for supplying our customers. Therefore, the customer service concept applies not only to external but also to internal customers within the Klingspor Group or between departments.

We listen to our customers and give them clear and understandable answers. We respond to inquiries promptly and jointly develop solutions. We look after our customers reliably and implement what we have promised. When faced with new challenges, we always strive to find a solution that is constructive for the customer and for Klingspor.

IIt is also our goal to establish a long-term partnership with suppliers. We attach importance to the always constructive and professional implementation of joint agreements and the joint constructive search for new approaches to solutions. As with our customers, communication with suppliers should always be clear, binding and aimed at the prompt handling of open issues.

Sustainability in the supply chain (supply chain due diligence)

Klingspor observes human rights and environmental due diligence obligations in an appropriate manner with the aim of preventing human rights or environmental risks, minimizing them or ending the violation of human rights or environmental obligations.

In doing so, we assess the risk posed by our suppliers according to their location, our knowledge of the supplier and our influence on them.

In case of reasonable suspicion of human rights and environment-related risks, as well as violations of human rights-related or environment-related obligations in your own business unit, or a direct supplier, please contact your supervisor, the local management, the management of MKG or, if this is exceptionally not possible for you for personal reasons or fear of reprisal, please use the ombudsman process.

Collaboration within the Klingspor Group

We are convinced that direct access by employees to their superiors, which is possible at any time, and the long-term retention of proven employees are essential prerequisites for achieving long-term success and to respond promptly to changing requirements.

We work together constructively, respectfully and in a spirit of trust. This includes not only responding promptly to inquiries from colleagues, but also communicating openly and honestly with each other to analyze and resolve problems.

As employees of Klingspor, we act and make decisions in a goal-oriented and responsible manner. We are aware that colleagues and superiors depend on us to perform our tasks correctly in terms of, content, on time and reliably.

For us, a successful culture of innovation and responsible dealings with one another also include dealing responsibly with failures when a sensibly thought-out and properly implemented measure still remains unsuccessful.

It goes without saying that no alcohol or other intoxicants may be consumed during working hours. Accordingly appropriate restraint should be observed at business lunches and similar events.

Conduct in everyday Business

Our conduct towards business partners, colleagues and employees is always polite and correct. We are aware that our conduct and demeanor in word and deed always shape the image of ourselves and Klingspor and therefore always strive to maintain a professional demeanor that reflects the values described in this Code of Conduct.

Labor standards

At Klingspor, we make sure that hazards to people and burdens on the environment are avoided or reduced as far as possible and that resources are used sparingly. Safety comes first for us. This means that all our products comply with German and international safety standards. For us this also means that safety and environmental standards are complied with at all our sites and in particular at our plants in order to avoid hazards for our employees, business partners and the environment.

Klingspor rejects all forms of child exploitation and forced labor and does not accept them from our business partners. Accordingly, Klingspor also supports the statements enshrined in the core labor standards of the ILO (International Labor Organization).

Quality and safety of our products

Klingspor is a quality supplier of abrasives. Our customers believe in our high-quality products and high-level customer service.

The quality of our products is assured by our specific production standards and this is independent of the location. Therefore, we always adhere to specified manufacturing processes at our production and manufacturing sites. The improvement and further development of our production processes simultaneously ensures the quality of our products.

Safety for the user is an indispensable requirement for all our products and manufacturing technologies. We therefore attach great importance to our membership in the organization for the safety of abrasive tools (oSa) and welcome any other abrasives manufacturer to join the oSa.

Culture of Innovation

In its more than 125-year history, our group of companies has only been able to develop into one of the leading abrasives manufacturers, with more than 35 companies worldwide because it is characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit that aims at the constant and sustainable further development of the group of companies.

This requires innovative thinking and action at all levels of the company. Including both our willingness to constructively question what already exists and our openness to actively drive forward meaningful changes in a timely manner.

This culture of innovation enables us to continue providing reliable products and solutions that meet our customers' requirements in an environment of sometimes rapidly changing markets and constant technological progress.

Compliance violations

If you notice that employees are violating this Code of Conduct or applicable law, then, if possible, first point this out to the colleague in a friendly manner. If the violation is repeated or if there is a deliberate violation, please contact your supervisor, the local management or of the MKG management . If this is exceptionally not possible for you for personal reasons, please use the ombudsman process.

Ombudsman process

It is in the interest of Klingspor and every employee that existing grievances and improper business practices are remedied. Compliance violations should therefore be addressed and resolved openly and directly. If, for personal reasons, it is exceptionally not possible for an employee to address the situation openly, any employee within the Klingspor Group can contact the ombudsman's office confidentially and anonymously to draw attention to improper business practices and grievances without fear of personal consequences. The ombudsman procedure is not intended to be misused for everyday disagreements between an employee and supervisor.

It is possible to contact the ombudsman's office by e-mail or telephone. Contact: omb@klingspor.de Tel. +49 (2773) 922-182.

The management of each Klingspor company must ensure that all employees are informed about the role of the ombudsman office, as well as its current contact details.

Issue: 07.12.2022