CEVOLUTION – Made by Klingspor

Abrasives with ceramic abrasive grain have been known for their aggressiveness and service life for a long time. Klingspor has now taken the next step and developed ceramic high-performance abrasives that are equipped with the new “CEVOLUTION” technology. This technology is not only founded in ceramic grain but also in 130 years of experience and know-how in the field of abrasives.

CEVOLUTION technology: It’s all in the mix!

There are applications in the real world where the necessary tool pressure or the sanding speed that is actually needed cannot be guaranteed. This may lead to scenarios where you cannot take full advantage of the benefits the ceramic grain has to offer, as the pressure is not high enough to break the structure of the grain; this would result in the abrasive clogging up and delivering an unsatisfactory sanding result.

This is why all Klingspor products furnished with the new CEVOLUTION technology have been optimised all around: Depending on their area of application, the individual components that make up the abrasive are tweaked and optimised until a large number of trials and tests have shown that the enhancements to the ceramic grain have resulted in the best performance possible. “The approach the members of our development department pursue in optimising the new CEVOLUTION technology is holistic: Apart from optimising the blends and quantities of the grain, the grit sizes, and the recipes for undercoat and size coat, they rely on multibond and special manufacturing processes. All in pursuit of the goal to deliver the best performance to the user regardless of their area of application. These qualities allow CEVOLUTION to truly revolutionise the realm of ceramic abrasives”, explains Ibraim Lapa, Director of Business Development.


To ensure that customers will find exactly the product they need, Klingspor’s product range boasts a vast number of products that come with the new CEVOLUTION technology, such as the abrasive belt CS 910 Y/CS 912 Y or the abrasive mop discs SMT 974, SMT 975, SMT 976, and SMT 674. These products will not receive the sought-after CEVOLUTION seal unless they deliver a genuine boost in performance.


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