Service life

The service life of abrasive tools is defined as the period of time for which the tools can be used until they need to be replaced on account of signs of wear. Common indicators for the service life of abrasive tools are, for instance, the number of cuts performed with a tool (cutting-off wheels) or the number of work pieces processed with the same tool (abrasive mop disc and abrasive belts).
During the manufacture of abrasive tools, the service life can be influenced by the type, volume and quantity of the abrasive grain itself and the structure and composition of the bond (type, hardness, filler materials).

To give the user additional assistance as to which tool is most suitable for his purposes, Klingspor groups their rotating tools used for grinding and cutting by aggressiveness and service life in addition to categorising them by the three Klingspor performance classes (Extra, Supra, Special). If attaching particular importance to a long service life (e.g. long lifespan of the tool, which corresponds to the highest possible number of separating cuts / processed materials) and, thus, lower set-up times and costs, the user can select a specific tool from Klingspor's product range that is labelled with the necessary information.

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