Automating grinding processes. How small and medium-sized businesses benefit.

Mar 07, 2023

For several years now, the experienced abrasives manufacturer Klingspor has been cooperating with the pioneer of automated grinding processes SHL AG. Together they now want to further advance the automation of industrial grind-ing processes. An important element in this is the elimination of prejudices.

The assumption that automation is only interesting or lucrative for large companies is still widespread. Nevertheless, small and medium-sized companies can also benefit from it. Thomas Magnussen, Sales and Marketing Manager at SHL, knows why: "Smaller industrial companies with between 10 and 100 employees are often faced with the challenge of finding suitable employees for their production processes." This involves both trained specialists and workers in general. "We often come across companies that see their future existence threatened because they simply cannot find suitable personnel to keep their manufacturing processes running constantly," he explains further. This is where automation can make an important contribution and save companies from going out of business.


Automated to the perfect surface

 From feasibility analysis to project planning and service contracts, SHL acts as a full-service provider. "When we receive enquiries from companies, we first look at the process and make a rough project draft. This also already contains a rough layout planning as well as an approximate cost and time estimate," Magnussen reports further. "If the customer agrees with our proposal, it's a matter of mapping and optimising the grinding or polishing process by machine." This is where Klingspor comes into play. The abrasives manufacturer looks back on 130 years of experience and offers almost all tools for automated grinding in its extensive portfolio. Ibraim Lapa, Head of Business Development at Klingspor, is convinced: "SHL will always find what it needs in the Klingspor range to offer its customers the best possible sanding results. Whether sanding belts, sheets, brushes or discs: The Klingspor product range is so broad that you can draw from the full range here!"

In order to live up to the slogan "Together for perfect surface", the extensive expertise of the Klingspor product experts naturally comes into play. "Our technicians and product experts are naturally involved in the automation of the sanding processes right from the start. In this way, processes that were previously carried out manually can be automated and optimised at the same time," Lapa continues.


Three times "yes" to automation

But for whom is automation a real alternative? Companies can easily answer this question for themselves: "We have identified three questions for ourselves:


  1. Is the shortage of labour or skilled workers an issue for you?
  2. Do you have series production?
  3. Do you have repetitive, manual grinding processes in your production?


If the customer answers 'yes' to all three questions, automating their processes is definitely worth considering," explains SHL's Magnussen.