Family-friendly. Distinguished. Klingspor.

Klingspor is recognized with the “UnternehmensWERT Familie! Award”

Klingspor was given the “UnternehmensWert Familie! Award” in the context of a competition hosted by the Alliance for Family in the Lahn-Dill district.

The award is conferred on companies operating in commerce, trade, and industry as well as the service sector in the district whose enterprises exemplify family friendliness.

Speakers at the award ceremony held at the Wetzlar District Office on June 19th recognized the company's exemplary conduct. Every company needs to devise tailor-made solutions capable of striking the perfect balance between family and job, emphasised Eberhard Flammer, President of the Lahn-Dill Chamber of Commerce and Industry and sponsor of the Alliance for Family in the Lahn-Dill district.

“We attach paramount importance to creating and maintaining a family-friendly work environment and proudly accept the UnternehmensWERT Familie! Award 2018 for our dedication in this area”, says Klaus Gaumann, Area Human Resource Manager, expressing his excitement about the recognition given to the company by the region.

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The decorated companies accepted their award at the official award ceremony held in Wetzlar. (Photo: Katrin Kloos)