Fascination Model Construction! Klingspor Truck on the Roads of Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

May 02, 2022

One of the largest tourist attractions in the world is located in Hamburg and attracts not only children, but many visitors from all over the world: The Miniatur Wunderland. With an area of over 1,500 m², the model railroad layout is the largest of its kind worldwide and has been attracting crowds of visitors since 2000. At the model workshop, the construction team also uses Klingspor abrasives, and from now on, an original miniature Klingspor truck is on the road at the layout.

What began as an amateur project more than 20 years ago has become a real success story. Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg now offers numerous attractions on 10 different model construction sections, such as panoramic views of the Alps, major cities and airports. In the model worlds, great importance is placed on authenticity - everything is intended to look as realistic as possible. This also applies to the Klingspor truck, which transports abrasives all over Europe every day in the very same design.

Model workshop uses Klingspor abrasives

The impetus for this promising cooperation originated from within the Klingspor ranks: A Klingspor sales employee was visiting Miniatur Wunderland in his spare time and discovered Klingspor sandpaper among the workshop employees. This visit ultimately led to the cooperation. Managing Director of Sales and Marketing Dirk Köpsel emphasizes: "For Klingspor, cooperations are particularly valuable when both sides benefit from them. The fact that Klingspor is used in the workshops of Miniatur Wunderland is not only a pleasure for us; it is also a great compliment. After all, model builders are real professionals and they only use real professional equipment."
With its extensive range, Klingspor offers products for woodworking as well as products for more demanding applications, such as the construction of large model installations. The cooperation will initially run for three years.

Klingspor truck in Miniatur Wunderland

Klingspor truck in Miniatur Wunderland by night

Klingspor truck in Miniatur Wunderland

Klingspor truck in Miniatur Wunderland