Four new specialists at Klingspor! Range of abrasive mop discs expanded

Jan 01, 2023

Those who frequently encounter challenging abrasive tasks will most certainly have used one tool time and again: the abrasive mop disc! That is the name its inventors chose for it in 1972 and the name it has kept at Klingspor to this day. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the SMT Klingspor has now engineered four new models – which will become available in the summer of 2022.

The stand-out feature of the abrasive mop disc is its flexibility. Compared to the grinding disc, this product allows for work with greater ease as it produces less vibration and noise. It is available in large number of versions – from flat or convex to coarse or fine and with abrasive materials based on aluminium oxide, non-woven material or ceramic. Just as their siblings in Klingspor’s product range, the four new models convince their users with performance and comfort.

SMT 975 – the long-lasting one

A flap disc that manages to impress with numerous properties: Its innovative ceramic abrasive technology CEVOLUTION combined with the trimmable plate provides for previously unheard-of longevity. The Cevolution technology allows the SMT 975 to deliver a long service life and extreme aggressiveness. Made of plastic, the plate is easy to trim, allowing the user to utilise the still unused abrasive material found on the inner side of the plate. This gives the product extra service life over a conventional flap disc. The integrated M14 thread allows for an efficient tool change that does not require the use of a wrench.


SMT 974 – the solid performer

The SMT 974 also boasts the new, self-sharpening CEVOLUTION® ceramic abrasive grain. The combination with a blended cotton backing transforms the SMT into a dependable sander. The extra thick layer of abrasive material gives the product an exceptionally long service life. Optimised for steel materials, the new SMT 974 delivers exceptional stock removal.

SMT 976 – the cool one

The engineers at Klingspor optimised this flap disc for use on stainless steel. Its multibond coating and self-sharpening effect turn the SMT 976 into an admirable performer which - compared to its predecessor, the SMT 996 - impresses with more aggressive grinding and a longer service life. The multibond is instrumental in the reduction of the grinding temperature in the abrasive zone. The SMT 976 is ideally suited for work on stainless steel, NF metals and aluminium.

SMT 674 – the efficient one

The price-performance ratio has a new name: SMT 674! With this model Klingspor introduces ceramic abrasive grain to the Supra line for the first time. The products included in this line are marked by dependable and powerful performance combined with an outstanding price-performance ratio. Suitable for universal use in metalworking, the SMT 674 is a true all-rounder.

All new SMT models comply with the guidelines necessary to achieve safety certification by the Organization for the Safety of Abrasives (OSA). The new SMTs will become available at specialist dealers in the summer of 2022.