Klingspor Client supports Siegerland Airport

Oct 21, 2019

Since the middle of this year, Klingspor AG, based in Haiger in Hessen, has been renting advertising space to support the commercial airport situated at the point where the three states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rheinland-Pfalz and Hessen meet.

For Klingspor, supporting the airport, which is the second highest in Germany in terms of altitude, is important first and foremost because it means investing in the region.

Klingspor Client supports Siegerland Airport

Thanks to its good transport links, Siegerland Airport offers short journey times for people and goods travelling to the economically strong region of Lahn-Dill. "Siegerland Airport is an important pillar of the regional economy. With our involvement we want to highlight the fact that the region surrounding both the city of Siegen, where our company was founded, and our home city of Haiger is especially important," says Dr. Steffen Neu, CEO of Klingspor AG.

As part of the collaboration the company rented various advertising spaces on the airport site. The collaboration has initially been agreed for a four-year period and will continue until 2023.



Regional hub

Since as early as 1967, business and private travellers have been flying from Siegerland Airport to over 1,000 destinations throughout Europe. Every year around 30,000 passengers use the regional airport. Small aircraft, helicopters, motor gliders, gliders and microlights are all permitted to use the airport.