Klingspor is expanding the product range

Mar 13, 2024

Jigsaws and reciprocating saws are in constant use in many trades: Their application ranges from demolition to terrace construction and from installation to carpentry work. A fast, clean cut is vital to producing professional and efficient work. Klingspor’s new selection for saws therefore offers sawing solutions for a great number of materials and applications

Saw blades – Made in Germany

The new product range comprises nearly 50 different jigsaw and reciprocating saw blades. "This means that we can now also offer products for separating wood of all kinds. Also available are saw blades for metal, laminate, plastic and mineral materials," explains Ralf Müller, Product Manager at Klingspor. A colour code indicates at first glance for which material a Klingspor saw blade is suitable: Green and blue, for instance, stand for wood and metal, respectively; the second largest area of application for jigsaw and reciprocating saw blades.

Three quality classes available

Klingspor saw blades are Made in Germany and available in three quality classes. Products of the 300 line stand for fast cuts at an excellent price-performance ratio. The 600 line includes standard saw blades for fast and exceedingly clean cutting. The 900 line holds a range of truly special tools such as the particularly narrow jigsaw blade JS 931 WF, allowing for extreme curve cuts in wood, or the reciprocating saw blade RS 902 WQ, which delivers ultra fast cuts in green and firewood.

In a bid to serve the widest possible range of machine manufacturers, Klingspor’s saw blades will come with the two most common mountings: ½ inch adapter for reciprocating saw blades, and the classic T-adapter for jigsaw blades.

The Klingspor saw blades are packaged in small packs holding five units each. “These packs are ideal for craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers. Starting in early 2024, you will find our saw blades in the yellow D.I.Y. Packs at specialist dealers," announces Müller.