Klingspor reacts to Corona

Mar 23, 2020

Employees moved to home offices - conferences, meetings and events largely cancelled or moved.

The Corona crisis is currently affecting the entire world. People are afraid, unsettled and the economy is facing one of the biggest challenges ever.

Klingspor is constantly adapting to the daily new challenges.

stayhealthy Klingspor

Because the health of our employees and customers is the top priority at all locations worldwide, we have moved large parts of our employees to the home office as far as possible. Conferences, meetings and events have been largely cancelled or moved to virtual channels.

The hygiene measures have been significantly increased according to official specifications, personal customer visits will not take place until further notice.

The primary aim of these measures is to protect and maintain the health of all. We also want to make sure that Klingspor remains capable of action and deliverable.

The supply of Klingspor products is still at a very high level today and we do everything to ensure that nothing changes in this circumstance.

Stay healthy!