New vehicle for the Diakonie

Jul 02, 2021

A new car was now required to transport people in day care. Klingspor supported this acquisi-tion with a donation of € 3,500.
When the ways become more arduous in old age and older people need support in everyday life, the Diakoniestation in Haiger is one of the most important institutions in the region. A new car was now required to transport people in day care. Klingspor supported this acquisition with a donation of € 3,500. "Our new VW Caddy Maxi, which was specially converted for wheelchair transport, has been in use for around four weeks and we are grateful for it every day," reports Norbert Hauptmann, managing director of the Haiger Diakonie. In February, he asked the traditional Haiger Company for a donation. After only one day, he had positive feedback that they wanted to support the project with € 3,500. The new vehicle is now used as part of daycare with a focus on people with dementia.

Klingspor managing director Dirk Köpsel hands over the symbolic donation check in the amount of € 3,500 to Diakonie managing director Norbert Hauptmann.

Strong. Regional. Yellow.

For the internationally successful abrasives manufacturer, the support of regional associations and campaigns is a great opportunity to give something back to the region. “It is nice to see how people get involved in Diakonie, but also in other associations, and how much good they do in society. Often the commitment is voluntary. Supporting this should be a matter of course for companies. In terms of our social responsibility as a company, we are happy to give something back here,” emphasizes Dirk Köpsel, Managing Director Sales and Marketing at Klingspor.