Professional abrasives for everyone! Klingspor abrasives now come in small packaging as well

Sep 13, 2022

For nearly 130 years, Klingspor has epitomised abrasives for pro-fessionals that are marked by high quality and dependability. Starting in the summer of 2022, professionals who require smaller quantities, such as do-it-yourselfers, will be able to pur-chase many of the products included in Klingspor’s in smaller packaging units.

Klingspor had been receiving an ever increasing number of requests for smaller packaging units and well-matched sets. Users kept asking for an option to purchase Klingspor products in smaller quantities. The rich-in-tradition company has now devised a range of D.I.Y. products that leaves nothing to be desired.

It‘s all in the mix

The new range of D.I.Y. products comprises nearly 300 products - both for off-hand sanding and sanding with handheld machines. The company made sure to include the most commonly used machine types, dimensions and hole patterns. “Our main focus during the development of the new range of D.I.Y. products was to maximise the benefit to the largest possible number of users. The final result was a varied mixture of our most popular products for wood processing and metalworking”, explains Anton Bodrin, Head of Product Management. Aside from single package units of self-fastening discs, strips, sheets, abrasive sponges, small abrasive mops or cutting-off wheels, the bulk of the new range is made up of sets with one product in various grit sizes.

Taking it one step further: the product design.

The company also invested a great deal of time and effort in the packaging of the new range of D.I.Y. products. Anton Bodrin continues to explain: “The packaging provides a major part of the information! It lists all important information including dimensions and hole patterns as well as instructions about machines and applications. The window in the packaging allows the customer to see and feel the abrasive, which is a decisive factor in the purchasing of abrasive paper.”

Abrasives for the craft trade

No matter the trade – everyone needs abrasives sooner or later. Whether they operate in the dry walling, carpentry or metal construction sector: even smaller craft enterprises and private users are given an opportunity to utilise professional abrasive tools. Becoming available in the summer of 2022, the products can be purchased from specialist dealers and well-stocked hardware stores and online shops.