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May 09, 2019

Klingspor is showcasing exciting product and application videos on YouTube.

Since March 1, 2019, Klingspor has been active on the social media sites of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to keep their fans and customers up to speed on everything there is to know about the company and its products. In their latest venture into the world of social media, the yellow abrasives manufacturer is now launching a YouTube channel with high-quality product and application videos - intended both for professionals and keen hobby craftsmen.

Klingspor's product selection is massive and offers customers an almost limitless range of possible applications. All the more reason for Klingspor to provide both dealers and end users with important tips on how to properly handle and harness the power of their products.
In time for the 2019 Construction Machinery Trade Fair (bauma) in Munich, Klingspor in April unveiled four application videos that they produced for their line of diamond tools. These videos cover everything there is to know about diamond tools - from the quality features that distinguish diamond cutting blades to the characteristics that set apart the different types of segments and detailed background information about the latest technologies.


Other contents currently under preparation

Aside from videos on how to use diamond cutting blades, the YouTube channel maintained by Klingspor will also feature the latest videos on the remaining products in Klingspor's product line. Finally, Klingspor also intends the platform to serve users as the go-to place for important safety information as well as tips and tricks for sanding on the most varied materials, “We have opted for these types of video as they offer our customers a means to learn how our products are used most effectively - and save them the need to drive long distances or pay a seminar admission fee. The channel is ultimately designed as an additional free offer, and we are happy about anyone who will find the channel useful and benefits from it", declares Holger Burkhardt, Marketing Manager at Klingspor.


The undeclared star: Gavin Smith

We deliberated extensively on who we wanted to play the role of product expert in the video: A third-party actor or a member of our staff? We ended up deciding in favour of an in-house solution. Better yet, we found a co-worker who is perfect for the job in Gavin Smith from Klingspor UK, an abrasive expert and certified product trainer of the highest merit. “You can consider yourself extremely fortunate to have someone on your staff who not only knows the product selection like that back of his hand but who also has a knack for explaining complex things in easy terms and comes across as exceptionally likeable and authentic”, continues Burkhardt, highlighting the company's good fortune. Gavin Smith will carry on with the role of product expert in the videos yet to come – not least because this role does not require any acting on his part.


Link to Klingspor’s YouTube channel:

The company

Klingspor has been setting global standards in abrasive technology for more than 125 years. Our production facilities manufacture more than 50,000 items that fall, among others, into the product categories of coated abrasives, cutting-off wheels, grinding discs, abrasive mop discs, abrasive mop wheels and diamond tools, and that are designed for a wide range of different applications. Spread across the globe, our 36 production and distribution locations employ a total staff of 2,800 and afford us the flexibility we need to satisfy the requirements of each regional market. Our global support and consulting team is comprised of more than 460 field representatives, engineers, and highly trained technicians.


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