Saving the best till last

Nov 06, 2019

From 1 October to 15 December 2019, Klingspor retailers and users can enjoy premium abrasive materials at excellent prices.

Autumn PromotionThe Klingspor 2019 Autumn Promotion

During this period Klingspor is offering a selection of abrasive materials from its extensive product range at lower prices. The promotion includes real best sellers for day-to-day work, as well as products for special applications.

The motto of this year's autumn promotion is "the right tool for every situation".

Together with its business development experts, the company has pulled together an attractive package of products, so that both smaller and larger Klingspor retailers, as well as users from a wide range of industries, can benefit from the favourable terms. "We always aim to reach as many clients as possible with our promotions and design them to appeal to everyone. That's why this year's autumn promotion includes more than 80 products with a wide range of applications," explains Dirk Köpsel, DACH Sales Director.

The promotional products reflect the breadth of the range.

The 2019 Autumn Promotion clearly demonstrates just how broad the Klingspor product range is. Included in the promotion, among other things, are:

- abrasive mesh – sheets for dust-free grinding for any application

- universally applicable, self-fastening sheets

- highly durable abrasive belts for processing steel and stainless steel

- diamond cutting blades for precise, low-noise cutting of concrete, hardstone and all construction site materials

- aggressive abrasive mop discs for processing stainless steel


As well as the favourable terms, participating retailers will receive sales support in the form of flyers for end-customers and the Klinspor customer journal with useful tips, written by professionals for professionals, plus tailored advertising if required. For more information please call 02773-992-152 or contact the relevant sales representative.