The new Abrasive Mesh AN 400

Oct 21, 2019

The Abrasive Mesh AN 400 from Klingspor is a real all-rounder: suitable for paint, varnish, filler, plaster, wood and many other materials. It comes in a wide range of grains from coarse to fine. Thanks to the open mesh structure, it can be used with all existing extraction hole systems.

Less dust, long service life

Anyone who processes surfaces using orbital sanders or random orbital sanders will know all too well that large quantities of dust can become a problem during use, not just for the work itself, but also for work safety. Thanks to its open mesh structure, the Abrasive Mesh AN 400 from Klingspor makes effective, all-over dust extraction possible. The result: less dust build-up in the workplace and longer service life because it prevents the tool from becoming clogged. Grinding marks due to settled dust particles are also avoided.

AN400 paintAN400 Wood

Highly flexible thanks to the mesh structure

An extremely tear resistant, flexible woven polyester forms the basis for the Abrasive Mesh AN 400. This ensures aggressive grinding and highly reliable processes. What's more, the sheets do not tear even under high loads and are ideally suited for surface and contour grinding.
Thanks to its self-fastening reverse side, attaching the Abrasive Mesh AN 400 is particularly easy. The Abrasive Mesh AN 400 is compatible with all extraction hole systems available on the market.

Versatile and universally applicable

 The Abrasive Mesh AN 400 from Klingspor is available in circular sheets for random orbital sanders, angle grinders and long-neck sanders, and in rectangular sheets for orbital sanders. It is particularly suitable for professional application in the following industries: cabinet making and joinery, timber processing, dry construction, automotive, boat building and wind power. It is available in grains from 80 to 800, making its range of applications particularly broad.


The product flyer for the Abrasive Mesh AN 400 is available for download: