Woodworking with Klingspor

Jan 29, 2021

New brochure offers expert knowledge from the source.
It is one of the oldest and, to this today, one of the most popular building materials in the world: Wood. The experts at abrasives manufacturer Klingspor collected the knowledge the company has acquired over the course of 125 years and compiled it in a brochure that focuses on woodworking. Our handbook “Klingspor solutions for the wood trade and the furniture industry” is a valuable body of knowledge centred on the topics of sanding and wood.

Whether their tools are used in the wood industry, at manufacturers of doors or floor coverings, in woodworking businesses such as joineries, carpentry shops or furniture makers or during the refurbishing of furniture and stairs: Klingspor supplies countless industries with the products they need. A new compendium now explains in detail how to use these products in the proper manner - with hands-on and easy-to-understand information: “With this brochure, we are providing our customers with a reference guide that will not only help them find the abrasive that matches their application best but also furnishes them with general answers to the most essential questions in the field of woodworking,” explains Ibraim Lapa, Director of Business Development.

Klingspor HolzbearbeitungKlingspor Holzbearbeitung

Valuable expertise with a clear structure
Focusing on the properties of the abrasive first, the brochure starts off by illustrating the factors that have an impact on the final sanding result. The included product finder groups the work material wood into different hardness categories, allowing the customer to match their type of wood with the right abrasive tool.
The subsequent sections of the brochure deal with the topics of “stationary sanding” and woodworking with “handheld machinery” as well as with "off-hand sanding". Every section is augmented by a plethora of handy tips for use in the real world. Each section is concluded with a product overview that provides key product characteristics and information on the area of application of each specific abrasive.

Process expertise at the highest level
Klingspor HolzbroschuereThroughout the development of the new brochure, Klingspor's product experts walked entirely in the user’s shoes and managed to produce a reference guide that covers all steps of the process from calibrating to coarse and intermediate sanding to final sanding and finishing. This puts the user in a position to know exactly at each stage of the process which product is best suited to complete the work step at hand. The outcome: a clean work process that lets the user save both valuable processing time and real money thanks to the perfect match of work task and abrasive. “We at Klingspor attach great importance to devising a guidebook that connects with the user and offers them real added value. The new brochure provides even experienced users with useful tips and products that will make their everyday work routine easier”, promises Ibraim Lapa.

Klingspor's new how-to manual is available immediately as a free download. The company also plans on gradually making the information available as video content on their website at www.klingspor.de as well as on social networking platforms.