Mar 13, 2024

Klingspor is expanding the product range

Jigsaws and reciprocating saws are in constant use in many trades: Their application ranges from demolition to terrace construction and from installation to carpentry work. A fast, clean cut is vital to producing professional and efficient work. Klingspor’s new selection for saws therefore offers sawing solutions for a great number of materials and applications ... Read more
Feb 29, 2024

The perfect finish since 1954

70 years old and still as flexible as on day one: Introduced to the market by Klingspor in 1954, the abrasive mop still inspires today wherever an application calls for flexibility and a fine surface finish. It is available in numerous versions, sizes and grits. It is used on both handheld and stationary machines. ... Read more
Jan 19, 2024

SchulePlus brings pupils and companies together

The long-established Haiger-based company Klingspor has been a cooperation partner of SchulePlus since the project started in 2022. As part of this innovative concept, Alexander Schüler, project manager and teacher at Johann-Textor-Schule in Haiger, wants to give pupils an insight into working life. The highlight: if the cooperation between the company and the pupils is right, the pupils can look forward to an apprenticeship at the end of the programme. ... Read more
Dec 19, 2023

Change at the top at Klingspor

The long-standing Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Klingspor AG, Berthold Specht, is stepping down after 23 years with the company. Dr. Steffen Neu, who was elected to the Supervisory Board by the Annual General Meeting on December 14, will succeed him. Olaf ter Jung is now solely responsible for the Klingspor AG Management Board. ... Read more
Aug 30, 2023

Revolution in road construction!

The Klingspor diamond cutting blade DT 350 AB performs convincingly when used on asphalt and concrete and is therefore a favoured product in road construction. With the latest product generation, Klingspor’s product developers have also succeeded in extending the service life by an impressive 50%. The secret? A special ceramic grain in the abrasive segment. ... Read more
Mar 07, 2023

Automating grinding processes. How small and medium-sized businesses benefit.

For several years now, the experienced abrasives manufacturer Klingspor has been cooperating with the pioneer of automated grinding processes SHL AG. Together they now want to further advance the automation of industrial grind-ing processes. An important element in this is the elimination of prejudices. ... Read more
Jan 16, 2023

Michael Lohmiller takes over as Head of Sales Germany

On January 1, 2023, Michael Lohmiller will take over the position of Head of Sales Germany at Klingspor Schleifsysteme. He suc-ceeds Dirk Köpsel, who was appointed to the company man-agement as Managing Director Sales & Marketing in 2021 and has since held the position of Head of Sales Germany. ... Read more
Jan 01, 2023

Four new specialists at Klingspor! Range of abrasive mop discs expanded

Those who frequently encounter challenging abrasive tasks will most certainly have used one tool time and again: the abrasive mop disc! That is the name its inventors chose for it in 1972 and the name it has kept at Klingspor to this day. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the SMT Klingspor has now engineered four new models – which will become available in the summer of 2022. ... Read more
Sep 22, 2022

More than "just" ceramics! Klingspor presents CEVOLUTION technology.

Abrasives with ceramic grit have long been known for their aggressiveness and service life. Klingspor has now thought ahead and developed ceramic high-performance abrasives with the new "CEVOLUTION" technology. In addition to ceramic grit, they also contain the know-how of almost 130 years of grinding experience. ... Read more
May 02, 2022

Fascination Model Construction! Klingspor Truck on the Roads of Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

One of the largest tourist attractions in the world is located in Hamburg and attracts not only children, but many visitors from all over the world: The Miniatur Wunderland. With an area of over 1,500 m², the model railroad layout is the largest of its kind worldwide and has been attracting crowds of visitors since 2000. At the model workshop, the construction team also uses Klingspor abrasives, and from now on, an original miniature Klingspor truck is on the road at the layout. ... Read more
Nov 16, 2021

International Hardware Fair 2022 in Cologne: Klingspor cancels participation

... Read more
Jul 02, 2021

New vehicle for the Diakonie

A new car was now required to transport people in day care. Klingspor supported this acquisi-tion with a donation of € 3,500. ... Read more
Jan 29, 2021

Woodworking with Klingspor

New brochure offers expert knowledge from the source. ... Read more
Jan 28, 2021

Deburring. Cleaning. Structuring.

Klingspor is unveiling a new line of brushes. ... Read more
Jan 11, 2021

New head of marketing & sales

Dirk Köpsel is joining the board of management at Klingspor ... Read more
Sep 28, 2020

Klingspor celebrates triumphs in China

Klingspor Qingdao wins the Oscar of Industry for their lavishly produced promotional video. ... Read more
Jul 24, 2020

Long-Life Abrasive Belts for the Stainless Steel & Metal Industry

Compared to other grain types, abrasive belts with agglomerate grain (KULEX and NOPPEX) offer a uniform surface scratch pattern until the abrasive is completely depleted and a vastly increased service life. ... Read more
May 25, 2020

Part of a strong network

Klingspor has been a member of the Association of the Con-struction Industry, Environmental Technology and Mechanical Engineering, abbreviated in German to VDBUM, since April of 2020 ... Read more
Mar 23, 2020

Klingspor reacts to Corona

Employees moved to home offices - conferences, meetings and events largely cancelled or moved. ... Read more
Mar 05, 2020

70 years Kronenflex® cutting-off wheels

The invention of high-speed cutting-off wheels revolutionised the cutting of materials – and has made it possible for the Kronenflex® cutting-off wheels to celebrate their 70th birthday this year. ... Read more
Mar 01, 2020

The new Kronenflex® EDGE by Klingspor!

The new Kronenflex® EDGE by Klingspor! The best cutting-off wheel for steel, stainless steel, and aluminium – a longer service life with clean cuts until the wheel finally wears out. ... Read more
Jan 29, 2020

Smart. Work. Yellow.

Klingspor at the 2020 Hardware Fair ... Read more
Jan 06, 2020

Area of responsibility expanded

Dirk Köpsel takes helm of Marketing and Sales Western Europe ... Read more
Nov 06, 2019

Saving the best till last

From 1 October to 15 December 2019, Klingspor retailers and users can enjoy premium abrasive materials at excellent prices. ... Read more
Oct 21, 2019

Klingspor Client supports Siegerland Airport

Since the middle of this year, Klingspor AG, based in Haiger in Hessen, has been renting advertising space to support the commercial airport situated at the point where the three states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rheinland-Pfalz and Hessen meet. ... Read more
Oct 21, 2019

The new Abrasive Mesh AN 400

The Abrasive Mesh AN 400 from Klingspor is a real all-rounder: suitable for paint, varnish, filler, plaster, wood and many other materials. It comes in a wide range of grains from coarse to fine. Thanks to the open mesh structure, it can be used with all existing extraction hole systems. ... Read more
Oct 21, 2019

Always the right tool

Cutting, grinding, finishing: Klingspor is well aware of the challenges industrial enterprises and craftsmen face every day when preparing and finishing the weld seam. A new brochure will now assist the user with professional information at every step of the way and recommend the tool that is best for the job. ... Read more
Jul 17, 2019

Never losing its cool

The use of multibond abrasives on stainless steel keeps the material significantly cooler, making the grinding process more efficient. An additional layer keeps annealing colours from forming and enhances surfaces quality. ... Read more
Jul 10, 2019

Grinding with a difference

Klingspor grinding products are also used where they are least expected. The company Börde Vita in Saxony-Anhalt uses them to peel potatoes – in a carborundum process. ... Read more
Jul 03, 2019

Thick or thin?

When selecting cutting-off wheels, making a decision often isn’t that easy. In addition to many obvious factors, such as the machine or area of application, various preferences also play a role. So what does actually matter? ... Read more