SMT 645 Supra Abrasive mop discs for Stainless steel, Steel

Class Supra
Grain Zirconia alumina
Backing plate Plastic, glass-fibre reinforced
Design Flat
Service life
Stainless steel
Locksmith's shop
Metal construction
Steel construction

SMT 645 Supra - abrasive mop disc for stainless steel and steel

The abrasive mop disc SMT 645 Supra offers high edge stability and has been designed for use on such materials as

  • stainless steel and
  • steel.

Abrasive mop disc with an exceptionally high removal rate

The product delivers an extraordinary removal rate in the specified fields of application. It even achieves the same excellent performance on less powerful angle grinders. With this product Klingspor offers its customers the highest durability and a very high aggressiveness of the abrasive. Double grinding flaps lay the foundation for the tool's remarkable service life. This top-performing product has been engineered specifically for demanding users who need to produce nothing but the best possible results during their daily work.

Abrasive mop disc with a flat design

Customers interested in purchasing the SMT 645 Supra can choose from a variety of diameters that matches their tool perfectly. Available in different grit sizes for tasks ranging from coarse to fine, the product can be operated at high speeds. This product has been designed as a flat abrasive mop disc. This design allows the user to process the entire work surface, which proves to be of particular benefit during flat and surface grinding. Klingspor also carries abrasive mop discs with a convex design that are intended for edge grinding.

Abrasive mop discs of the Supra product line

Klingspor makes their abrasive mop discs available in three product lines: Extra, Supra, and Special. The Supra series have been developed for professional use and will impress with stunning performance capabilities. Made to the latest applicable standards, the abrasive mop discs are guaranteed to afford the user maximum safety during use. Their outstanding qualities prove equally beneficial for projects undertaken by do-it-yourselfers. The use of zirconia alumina grain and a fibre-reinforced backing plate contribute to the product’s ability to produce surface refinement results of impeccable quality. It can be used in combination with all standard angle grinders.

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