SMT 975 Special CEVOLUTION Abrasive mop discs for Steel

Convex Trimmable
Class Special
Grain Ceramic Al. oxide
Backing plate Plastic, glass-fibre reinforced
Design Convex 6º
Service life
Stainless steel
Boat and shipbuilding
Metal construction

SMT 975 – the durable one

A flap disc that manages to impress with numerous properties: Its innovative ceramic abrasive grain combined with CEVOLUTION technology and the trimmable plate provides for previously unheard-of longevity. CEVOLUTION lets the SMT 975 deliver a long service life and extreme aggressiveness. Made of plastic, the plate is easy to trim, allowing the user to utilise the still unused abrasive material found on the inner side of the plate. This gives the product extra service life over a conventional flap disc.

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