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Abrasive mop – the 1st choice when it comes to fine and flexible surface sanding

The abrasive mop included in Klingspor’s product selection is a valuable tool for work that involves such steps as sanding or finishing surfaces. Craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers who choose an abrasive mop from Klingspor’s extensive program range will buy a tool that serves their needs perfectly and offers them supreme quality at a competitive price. If you sand with Klingspor, you will always sand like a pro.

Finding abrasive mop wheels for special applications

Anyone using abrasive mop discs does so because they need a product that matches their specific use case perfectly. This is why Klingspor offers their customers specialised products with a quality that is sure to help the user overcome even the most difficult problems. One such product is the FDR 618. This pleated mop has been designed specifically for work on joints, grooves and slots and delivers exceptional results. Arranged in pairs, the pleated flaps let the user work in areas they had never expected to reach, as the flaps will stretch out into every corner.

The WSM 617 is another popular product made by Klingspor as it has proven its worth in countless real-world applications. Suitable for use in front and side position, this angle grinder mop can be screwed to an angle grinder in a snap and without the help of any additional tools. This all-rounder will, for example, remove rust bloom from an old heater or a metal railing so thoroughly that the surface can be immediately painted again. Sporting a slender design, the mop is equipped with flexible flaps with a radial arrangement and will shape perfectly to the contours that need to be processed. Since it removes paint residues, light scratches and welding pickle just as reliably, it is a tool that is well-liked by users around the globe. A small tip: If the angle grinder is equipped with speed control, this abrasive mop can even be used on wood-based materials.

The right tool for a great many applications

An abrasive mop made by Klingspor is a popular choice across a wide variety of applications. These include

  • Removing paint / varnish / filler
  • Grinding fillet welds
  • Deburring operations,
  • Removal of heat tinting
  • Rust removal on steel

The abrasive mop wheels, small abrasive mops (also referred to as mounted wheels) or satin finishing drums also demonstrate their versatility when it comes to the equipment with which they can be paired. This equipment includes such machines as

  • the floor-standing grinder
  • the die grinder
  • the flexible shaft
  • the angle grinder
  • the satin finishing and the drilling machine

Leaving nothing to be desired, the exhaustive selection is sure to hold abrasive mop wheels that can be combined with machines used in industrial enterprises, metal workshops or handicraft businesses and in do-it-yourself applications.

If the machine is not equipped with speed control, the selection of the product must be made based on the specified speed. Klingspor has these machines covered as well and offers abrasive mop wheels that will operate in the optimum range.

These properties are typical of abrasive mop wheels

Just as all other abrasives made by Klingspor, the abrasive mop wheels will produce scratch patterns that are one of a kind and marked by long, continuous grain patterns in the treated surface. Scratch marks left by the processing with the abrasive mop will be minimal, making the finish particularly smooth. It is therefore possible to use these products for professional surface refinement that will live up to the highest standards.

When selecting abrasive mop wheels, small abrasive mops or satin finishing drums, you need to take the following into account: Their design lets abrasive mop wheels inherently produce a finer finish compared to abrasive belts. Stock removal and finishing can therefore be combined in one work step. If you wish to achieve a stock removal rate that is comparable to that of an abrasive belt, the experts at Klingspor recommend that you pick an abrasive mop with a grit that is two to three times coarser.