CS 310 XF File belts for Stainless steel, Metals, NF metals, Steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing XF-cotton
Stainless steel
NF metals
Apparatus and container manufacturing
Metal construction
Railing construction

File belt CS 310 XF – a tear-resistant abrasive belt for metalworking applications

The file belt CS 310 XF by Klingspor stands out with its exceptional flexibility and superior tear resistance. It performs phenomenally well on a variety of materials including

  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • and NF metals.

These premium file belts have proven their worth in trade and in the metalworking industry. They rank among the essential tools used in the fabrication environment, metal construction and the construction of railings. Depending on the grit size selected the file belt CS 310 XF by Klingspor can be used for rough to fine sanding. When used for rough sanding, the product delivers an exceptionally high removal rate. The flexible, tear-resistant CS 310 XF allows for effective sanding of both the surfaces and the edges of metals.

Universal use when combined with sanders

The file belt CS 310 XF by Klingspor has been designed especially for use in combination with hand tool belt grinders. When used on metal, the product is best used for the precision sanding of radii and contours. The abrasive comes with a cotton backing. This backing is exceptionally flexible, yet tear-resistant. Combined with the strong grain adhesion, the backing provides for consistently high quality sanding results and a long service life. The butt joint of these flexible belts makes them the abrasive of choice for hand tool belt grinders. A fabric-reinforced film on the joint ensures that the bond remains perfectly strong.

File belt CS 310 XF by Klingspor – available in different versions

Klingspor lists all standard dimensions and common grit sizes of the file belt CS 310 XF for processing metal as stock items in the price list. Customers with machinery and requirements that deviate from the standards can opt of custom belt lengths and widths provided they observe the minimum order quantities. The corresponding abrasive cloth can also be supplied in short and narrow belts.

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