LS 309 X Belts with cloth backing for Metals, NF metals, Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing X-cotton
NF metals
Metal construction
Wood processing industry

Klingspor abrasive belt LS 309 X – the all-purpose abrasive belt with an outstanding price-performance ratio

The Klingspor abrasive belt LS 309 X is an abrasive belt for universal use in metal and wood processing. It sets itself apart with a great many advantages:

  • Exceptional price-performance ratio
  • Flexible and tear-resistant
  • Optimal wear characteristics
  • Highly versatile

The abrasive belt LS 309 X with its cotton backing can be combined with a wide variety of sanding machines.

Abrasive belt LS 309 X – the versatile all-purpose product

The abrasive belt LS 309 X boasts an X-cotton backing that is particularly flexible and tear-resistant. The tear-resistant cotton backing guarantees an exceptionally long service life. The abrasive grain is aluminium oxide, applied with a close coating and bonded with fully synthetic resin. Aluminium oxide is an abrasive that is characterised by its combination of hardness and toughness. The close coating is guaranteed to deliver aggressive abrasive performance including a high removal rate thanks to the large number of grain points. Work with superior efficiency is guaranteed. The abrasive belt is guaranteed to produce consistently flawless surface quality across a wide range of applications and workpieces. This universal product is distinguished by its optimal wear characteristics. Its superior flexibility makes the abrasive belt LS 309 X a particularly good choice for sanding contours.

Abrasive belt LS 309 X – an all-purpose product for a variety of applications

This universal product has been engineered for the needs of the metalworking industry, the wood industry and general applications in trade. It is suitable for rough and finish sanding as well as for surface sanding. The abrasive belt LS 309 X is ideal for use with

  • pedestal sanders,
  • edge sanders and
  • pipe belt sanders.

The product is geared towards use in combination with abrasive flap discs and flap wheels.

Abrasive belt LS 309 X – the product for wood and metal processing

The abrasive belt LS 309 X is a product engineered for metal and wood processing. It is suitable for work on wood, non-ferrous metal and metal in general. The abrasive belt LS 309 X demonstrates superior abrasive performance on all of these materials. When used for surface sanding on wood, the product produces a clean and uniform scratch pattern.

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