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Developed in Germany – Made in Europe: Klingspor diamond cutting blades

The diamond cutting blades included in Klingspor’s product selection are genuine high performance tools. These cutting blades provide the professional user with the matching cutting abrasive, offering the best possible properties for all of their work tasks. They are guaranteed to deliver short cutting times with minimum burr formation. These properties are appreciated by professionals in trade, industry, and construction and beneficial to hobby users as they let them realise their individual projects with greater efficiency than ever before. The diamond cutting blades made by Klingspor are the best choice as they make any task a breeze - from cutting tiles to concrete.

The hardest cutting blades for all standard tools

The diamond blade offers the best cutting performance, delivering consistently excellent results. The product selection offered by Klingspor includes diamond cutting blades for the angle grinder, the petrol saw and for table saws. And, certain cutting blades can be paired with standard joint cutters as well.

Diamond cutting blades by Klingspor cut through any material

Anyone browsing Klingspor’s product selection will quickly realise the product range comprises diamond cutting blades and large diamond cutting blades for any type of use. These abrasives of premium quality allow users to cut such materials as

  • Concrete
  • Clinker
  • Chalky sandstone
  • Screed
  • Abrasive materials
  • Granite
  • Tiles
  • Mortar joints
  • Refractory brick
  • Asphalt
  • Fresh concrete
  • Other construction site materials

with utmost safety and dependability. Anyone opting for the diamond cutting blades or the large diamond cutting blades by Klingspor will enjoy high levels of aggressiveness and unparalleled service life - no matter which type of material they need to cut.

Choosing the right cut is key

One of the strong points of Klingspor’s portfolio is its unmatched variety. Klingspor knows about the wide range of challenges the user has to face in the real world. This is why Klingspor offers their diamond cutting blades and their large diamond cutting blades with different cuts.

For instance, universal applications are best mastered with the standard gullet, which combines a rapid feed rate with exceptional cutting properties. The turbo rim is an excellent choice whenever smooth operation and particularly clean cutting edges are imperative. Diamond cutting blades with a continuous rim will also produce clean cutting edges and are recommended for precision work.

Cutting blades with turbo segments combine the aforementioned benefits in one product - They run smoothly, produce clean cuts and are fast. What is more, they deliver a long service life. Blades with short segments, on the other hand, set themselves apart with their fast cutting speed, producing cuts with exceptionally clean edges.

Those who focus primarily on a high feed rate will buy a blade that comes with a wide gullet. Conversely, blades with a narrow gullet deliver exceedingly smooth operation. Tapered segments are a contributing factor to this smooth operation. The extensive selection is made complete by the diamond cutting blades with protective segments. These segments along with the hammer segments provide optimum protection to the steel core. Blades with a Detenso core operate with efficient noise reduction. A wave-shaped core can improve the service life and the stock removal of the blade even further.

Developed in Germany – Made in Europe

Klingspor remains in full control of all processes necessary to manufacture their products. This ability has earned Klingspor the status of the world’s leading manufacturer of cutting and grinding abrasives. Klingspor’s diamond cutting blades are designed in the company’s Research and Development department at the parent plant in Haiger (Germany). For the development of their cutting blades, Klingspor relies on cutting-edge machinery and exceptionally equipped laboratories. The staff at these facilities work hard every day to take the functionality and safety of the diamond cutting blades to the next level. Manufacturing takes places with the help of the highly advanced pool of machines utilised at Klingspor’s production facility in the West Ukrainian town of Lviv. Close control of all product details guarantees that only diamond blades of the highest quality leave the plant.