DT 300 F Extra Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders for Tiles, Stove tiles

Suitable for wet and dry use
Class Extra
Segmentation Continuous rim
Design Sintered
Service life
Stove tiles
Floor tilers
Heating, plumbing
Kitchen cabinet makers

Diamond cutting blade DT 300 F Extra

This high-quality diamond cutting blade is an excellent choice for all users who value professional tools, but do not need to use them on a daily basis. The continuous rim of the blade allows for work with ultimate precision. This feature makes it possible for anyone to produce clean and chip-free edges. This cutting blade has been optimised for work on

  • tiles and
  • stove tiles . Delivering medium-level aggressiveness and service life, the diamond cutting blade DT 300 F Extra is an attractive quality blade for occasional use.

The benefits of the diamond cutting blade DT 300 F Extra

Klingspor's diamond tools are constantly improved thanks to continuous research, development and testing. The results are clean and chip-free edges during cutting. This quality is a decisive factor - especially during work on tiles and stove tiles. The Klingspor corporation is a member of the oSa association. This organisation is an association of companies who manufacture abrasives and cutting tools. Jointly they have developed product and testing guidelines that go beyond the scope of European safety standards. What is more, the blades comply with standard EN 13236. The user can thus be confident that the product they purchased with the diamond cutting blade DT 300 F Extra is perfectly safe if used correctly.

This is how you use the diamond cutting blade DT 300 F Extra correctly

The diamond cutting blade is intended for cutting tiles and stove tiles. It must not be used for lateral grinding. Before fitting the cutting blade, you need to inspect it for damage, as damaged blades must not be used. When fitting the blade, also pay attention to the arrow on the blade, which indicates the running direction. It must be possible to mount the cutting blade without using too much force. Make sure to always use the guard of the angle grinder. Before starting with the actual work, you should allow the cutting blade to run idle for approximately 30 seconds in order to determine if it is fitted correctly.

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