DT 310 UT Extra Large diamond cutting blades for Construction materials, Concrete

Suitable for wet and dry use Turbo segment
Class Extra
Segmentation Turbo continuous rim
Design Sintered
Service life
Construction materials
Building construction
Construction businesses
Gardening and landscaping
Paving companies

Large diamond cutting blade DT 310 UT Extra

The diamond cutting blade DT 310 UT Extra is popular at the construction site and preferred especially by roofers. It is suitable for universal use, e.g. during work on

  • concrete,
  • roof tiles and
  • other construction materials.

The large cutting blade can be paired with both petrol powered cutters and table saws. Smaller versions of the DT 310 UT Extra can also be used with angle grinders. The designation Extra characterises a diamond cutting blade as a professional tool that offers the user a good price-performance ratio, but is not intended for daily use.

Other characteristics of the diamond cutting blade DT 310 UT Extra

The turbo continuous rim of the blade allows the user to create clean and chip-free edges – an aspect of key importance for such applications as cutting roof tiles. For this reason, the cutting blade is valued especially by roofers. Users will also work with greater ease thanks to the exceptionally smooth operation of this large diamond cutting blade. Since all diamond cutting blades are manufactured in house, Klingspor is able to influence as needed the production process and the quality of the blades from start to finish. Production is monitored constantly in accordance with oSa guidelines. In consequence, the user can trust that the products will deliver consistent safety and quality. What is more, the diamond cutting blades comply with European standard EN 13236.

Instructions on how to handle large diamond cutting blades safely

Before mounting a large diamond cutting blade, the user must always check the blade for damage. Damaged cutting blades pose a safety risk and therefore need to be taken out of circulation immediately. In a second step, the user checks the colour code to verify that the cutting blade is suitable for the material they want to process. The colour code is found on the front side of the blade. The front also holds information on the maximum operating speed and shows the user the rotational speed at which the blade may be operated. Both specifications have been printed on the right and the left of the hole on a coloured strip. Finally, there are also pictograms printed on the blade. They let the user know which personal protective equipment they should use. Since flying sparks and abrasive dust cannot be avoided during the use of cutting blades, wearing suitable protective equipment during work is absolutely vital.

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