DT 350 A Extra Large diamond cutting blades for Asphalt, Sandstone

Suitable for wet and dry use Inclined protective segments detail view Inclined protective segments No undercutting effect Laser welded
Class Extra
Segmentation Wide gullet
Design Laser welded
Service life
Building yards
Pipeline construction
Road building
Underground construction

Diamond cutting blade DT 350 A Extra – large cutting-off wheels for tough requirements

The diamond cutting blade DT 350 A Extra was developed for asphalt, sandstone and other hard materials. It sets itself apart with its

  • aggressive cutting characteristics,
  • long service life,
  • powerful performance and an
  • outstanding price/performance ratio

. Thanks to its extraordinary build quality, it is especially well suited for use on a petrol powered cutter and joint cutter 10kW and similar tools. The cutting blade DT 350 A Extra possesses inclined protective segments, which keep the steel core safely protected and prevent relief-grinding of the steel core.

Diamond cutting blade with large diameters

Klingspor makes the diamond cutting blade DT 350 A Extra available as a large cutting blade with different diameters. Thanks to the size of the cutting blade, work tasks in asphalt, sandstone, aerated concrete and other hard and abrasive materials can be completed with great speed and efficiency even on thicker material sizes. When using cutting blades with different diameters, the user needs to keep in mind that larger cutting blades must not exceed the maximum running speed. Every time before they start using the tool, users need to familiarise themselves with the maximum operating speed. It is indicated on the label found in the centre of the cutting blade. The label also holds such additional information as the maximum rotational speed, the materials for which a cutting blade may be used, and much more.

No diamond cutting blade will last forever

To ensure safety at work when handling abrasive tools, the user must subject a cutting blade to a visual inspection each time prior to use. This is the only way to exclude the possibility of working with a damaged tool. A diamond cutting blade that is cracked or fractured carries a high risk of accident. This is why storing the cutting blades correctly is equally important to the safety of the user.

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