DT 350 AB Extra CEVOLUTION Large diamond cutting blades for Asphalt, Concrete

Suitable for wet and dry use Inclined protective segments detail view Inclined protective segments No undercutting effect 12 mm height of segments Laser welded
Class Extra
Segmentation Wide gullet
Design Laser welded
Service life
Building yards
Gardening and landscaping
Pipeline construction
Road building
Underground construction

Diamond cutting disc DT 350 AB Extra CEVOLUTION for a wide range of applications

The diamond cutting disc DT 350 AB Extra CEVOLUTION is convincing when used on asphalt and concrete . The use of ceramic grit in the segment increases the product's service life even further. \ The DT 350 AB Extra CEVOLUTION is characterised by the versatility of its application possibilities. The combination product consists of

laser-welded block segments, turbo segments as well as bevel protection segments and is therefore suitable for all repair work in asphalt, concrete and other building materials. The reliable diamond cutting disc can be used on the petrol cutter, joint cutter 10 kW and similar machines.

Ceramic grain in a diamond cutting disc? \ What sounds unusual at first, is for the developers at Klingspor the way to improved service life and thus longer application duration for the customer. Due to its special physical properties, such as high hardness and good bonding, the special ceramic grain in the compound provides more stability and less wear on abrasive materials such as asphalt. At the same time, it supports the cutting effect of the diamonds.

This makes the DT 350 AB the first diamond cutting disc to receive the popular CEVOLUTION seal. CEVOLUTION stands here, as with other abrasives in the Klingspor range, for a clearly noticeable product improvement. Products with the CEVOLUTION logo contain ceramic abrasive grit and are optimised for their respective application purpose. The cut-off wheel of the "Extra" class is characterised by its aggressive grinding and cutting behaviour and a high service life. This ensures optimum work results throughout the entire period of use. With this quality level, the cut-off wheel is the right choice for professional demands on cutting work that is not carried out in continuous use.

Diamond cutting disc for a wide range of applications

With its application possibilities for working on asphalt, concrete and similar building materials, the DT 350 AB Extra CEVOLUTION diamond cutting disc offers a wide range of applications in road construction, structural and civil engineering as well as in building yards. It is specially developed for applications on asphalt and concrete.

Occupational safety - an important aspect when working with cutting discs

As there is a risk of accidents that should not be underestimated, especially when working with grinding and cutting machines, it is important to pay attention to the correct use of the diamond cutting disc. All important information - such as the maximum speed, the maximum working speed and the area of application - is given on the label of the cut-off wheels. Before use, the condition of each cutting disc should be carefully observed. Only undamaged and properly stored cut-off wheels provide the necessary work safety.

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