DT 900 UT Special Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders for Concrete, Construction materials, Roof tiles

Suitable for wet and dry use Turbo segment
Class Special
Segmentation Turbo continuous rim
Design Sintered
Service life
Construction materials
Roof tiles
Building construction
Construction businesses

The diamond cutting blade DT 900 UT Special – more power thanks to a turbo rim

The sintered diamond cutting blade DT 900 UT Special by Klingspor realises its full potential during use on the construction size - it slices effortlessly through a large variety of different materials:

  • concrete,
  • roofing tiles and
  • all other construction materials.

This makes it a versatile tool and the perfect helper for a wide range of different challenges. The diamond cutting blade DT 900 UT Special is suitable for use on standard angle grinders with a 22.23 mm mounting. Its innovative technology allows for work with rapid speed and maximum safety.

Wave-shaped core – perfect cooling at high cutting speed

The diamond cutting blade DT 900 UT Special has been designed for operating speeds of up to 80 m/s. Boasting a diameter of 100 mm, this cutting blade can be used at a maximum rotational speed of more than 15,000 revolutions per minute. The wave-shaped core ensures optimum heat dissipation. Holes embedded in the blade provide for additional cooling. The blade can be used for both wet and dry cutting. The diamond cutting blade DT 900 UT Special delivers a high level of aggressiveness and above-average service life. A member of the 900 product line, it is designed as a high-performance product: Klingspor guarantees top level performance and perfect reliability even under the most extreme conditions. Naturally, the diamond cutting blade DT 900 UT Special also conforms to European safety standard EN 13236 and the strict oSa guidelines.

Slice through concrete, construction materials and roofing tiles with the turbo rim

The diamond cutting blade DT 900 UT Special is equipped with a special turbo rim. This closed cutting edge produces clean and chip-free edges. At the same time, the turbo rim provides for smooth operation and, thus, a reduced noise level. The material is removed quickly and thoroughly thanks to the sharp diamond edges. This makes it possible to even slice through hard material with amazing ease and to guide the angle grinder comfortably and with great precision. Klingspor relies on highly advanced abrasive technology to produce their diamond tools: The diamonds are bonded securely in the blade, keeping them from detaching prematurely. The razor-sharp crystal edges smoothly work their way through even the toughest mineral-based materials until they are worn out completely. To live up to this promise, Klingspor produces exclusively in house – ensuring that all components are matched perfectly to one another.

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