ADS 200 Adapter kit

Adapter kit ADS 200 – SDS / hexagon adapter with centre bit

The adapter kit ADS 200 is an accessory that ideally complements the core cutter for switch boxes DD 600 U. The set is composed of adapters for the SDS or hexagon adapter with centre bit with an 8 mm diameter. The adapter kit makes it possible to pair the drill bit with various handheld drilling machines during work on

  • masonry,
  • construction materials,
  • chalky sandstone,
  • brick, - clinker, and
  • firebrick.

Adapter kit of premium quality

The adapter kit ADS 200 is marked by the premium quality that customers have come to except from Klingspor tools. Boasting a diameter of 8 mm, the centre bit offers the ideal strength for guiding the diamond drill bit with utmost precision.

Adapter for a wide range of applications

When combined with the core cutter for switch boxes DD 600 U, the adapter kit ADS 200 offers an extensive range of possible applications - especially in the construction sector. Plumbers, roofers and many other craftsmen will find this adapter kit to be a handy tool, allowing them to drill through walls, ceilings and floors with greater ease. The set also proves a useful tool in such branches of handicraft as sculpting as well as for stonecutters.

Adapter kit with a high safety standard

Klingspor focuses on manufacturing tools that ensure the best possible level of on-the-job safety . Aside from serving the goal of economic optimisation, the development of high-quality and long-lasting materials is intended to guarantee safety during work on stone and concrete materials. For this reason, the adapter kit ADS 200 meets all requirements in terms of on-the-job safety and work simplification.

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