DD 600 U Supra Core cutter for switch boxes for Masonry, Construction materials, Chalky sandstone

Suitable for dry use Laser welded
Class Supra
Design Laser welded
Service life
Construction materials
Chalky sandstone
Electricians, Electrical installation

Klingspor’s core cutter for switch boxes DD 600 U Supra – for soft and medium hard materials

The core cutter for switch boxes DD 600 U Supra made by Klingspor was developed for use on a handheld drilling machine. This tool can be used to drill recesses for junction boxes or exhaust air ducts into construction materials of soft to medium hardness. These types of materials include

  • brick,
  • clinker,
  • masonry,
  • firebrick and
  • chalky sandstone.

Klingspor makes the core cutter for switch boxes DD 600 U Supra available in different sizes. Customers can add an SDS or a hexagon adapter with centre bit as accessories. An adapter with the item designation ADS 200 makes it easier to exactly position the holes.

The Supra performance class – premium tools at an excellent price-performance ratio

The core cutter for switch boxes DD 600 U Supra for use with a drilling machine boasts a long service life. It is a product of the Supra performance class, which Klingspor reserves for the tools of the product line 600. These are powerful and reliable enough to be used in professional environments every day. The tools grouped in the Supra performance class are furthermore marked by an outstanding price-performance ratio. This also makes them an attractive option for do-it-yourselfers who only need to perform the corresponding drilling operations on occasion. More affordable and even more powerful tools are available, respectively, in the Extra and in the Special performance classes.

Klingspor diamond tools – safe thanks to standard-compliant testing

Klingspor manufactures their diamond tools for work on construction materials in compliance with the most rigorous safety standards. The core cutter for switch boxes DD 600 U Supra for the drilling machine is no exception and therefore complies with European safety standard EN 13236.

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