A 330 Extra Kronenflex® large cutting-off wheels for Steel

two glass fibre reinforcement mesh
Class Extra
Bonding agent Synthetic resin, fibre-reinforced
Grain Aluminium oxide
Service life
Stainless steel
Apparatus and container manufacturing
Construction above and below ground
Locksmith's shop
Plant engineering
Road building
Steel construction

A 330 Extra - Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel for metal

With the Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel A 330 Extra Klingspor is offering a powerful abrasive for processing metal. More specifically, this cutting-off wheel is used for cutting

  • steel,
  • stainless steel,
  • aluminium, and
  • castings.

Offered as a member of the Extra performance class, this cutting-off wheel impresses with its great aggressiveness and long service life. These qualities are appreciated by professional users and provide do-it-yourselfers with a tool that lets them finish their projects with the best possible results. With this product Klingspor carefully attempted to strike the right balance between an attractive price and powerful performance.

Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel with a wide range of applications

The cutting-off wheel A 330 Extra is recommended for all common profiles and can therefore be used for an extensive range of practical applications. It can be paired with all popular abrasive cut-off machines (chop saw). This cutting-off wheel performs at its best when fitted on a chop saw used in trade and industry and will satisfy even the most discerning professional. This combination makes it possible to achieve results of the highest quality every time. The user will find important information on the label that specifies how to best use the wheel with the machine. This information includes the maximum speed with which the wheel may be operated.

Premium raw materials and ultimate performance in everyday use

Klingspor selects only the best raw materials for every Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel. And, the A 330 Extra is no exception. Bond and grain are perfectly matched with one another and wear down evenly during real-world use. Particularly sharp and durable, the synthetically manufactured abrasive grain is a major contributor to the outstanding performance of these top-flight products. A glass fibre mesh is used as a reinforcing insert to allow the wheel to stand up to increased lateral forces. Klingspor cutting-off wheels also impresses with its safety features: They have been tested according to oSa guidelines and comply with European safety standard EN 12413.

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