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Klingspor produces more than 350,000 Kronenflex® cutting-off wheels each and every day

Stacked on top of each other, the cutting-off wheels manufactured each year would allow you to reach the lowest point of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean 20 times over. Since moisture will, however, be of detriment to the performance of the Kronenflex® cutting-off wheels, Klingspor pays particular attention to the correct storage of the products.

The extensive selection of cutting-off wheels Klingspor has to offer holds products that match the needs of both skilled professionals in their day-to-day trade and of do-it-yourselfers during their projects at home. The Kronenflex® cutting-off wheels satisfy the most varied requirements and are in practical use everywhere.

Work results of superior quality with Kronenflex® cutting-off wheels - both flat and with a depressed centre

The cutting-off wheels included in the Kronenflex® line are best used in combination with an angle grinder. The Kronenflex® brand name epitomises the highest possible quality that can be achieved with today’s cutting-off wheels. These high-performance products are distinguished by minimum burr formation, their extremely short cutting times and their outstanding durability under continuous use. It therefore comes as no surprise that products made by Klingspor are widely used in trade and industry alike.

The right cutting-off wheel for every machine

It is paramount for flexible use in real-world applications that the cutting-off wheels can be mounted on as many different machines as possible. Klingspor offers cutting-off wheels with a flat and depressed centre shape for all types of standard machinery. For the angle grinder, for stationary saws and cutters and for freehand machines.

Powerful cutting abrasives for the processing of a variety of materials

As customers work with the most diverse range of materials, Klingspor offers a product selection that delivers exceptional versatility. Thanks to a combination of the most varied grains, resins and filler materials, Kronenflex® cutting-off wheels can be used for work on

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Cast iron
  • Stone / concrete

The possibilities for use are nearly limitless.

Kronenflex® cutting-off wheels grouped in distinct quality classes

To make the user's choice of the right Kronenflex® cutting-off wheel as easy as possible, Klingspor has grouped the products into the three performance classes of Extra, Supra, and Special. The Extra class provides users with cutting-off wheels that are suitable for universal use. These products are also interesting for hobby users. The Supra class is comprised of cutting abrasives that are designed for different fields of application and set apart by exceptional service life and high cutting performance. These wheels are products from the medium price segment that have been optimised. Finally, users looking for uncompromising high-performance products will find the right wheel in the performance class Special. As each cutting-off wheel is furnished with the special properties needed for each specific application, users can expect to enjoy optimum performance and service life.

Using the optimum material thickness for each application

The cutting-off wheels included in Klingspor’s product range are reinforced with glass fibre cloth to enhance the stability of the wheel and guarantee that it is safe to use. Different thicknesses are essential for the cutting-off wheels as they allow the wheels to adapt perfectly to each particular use. When used for freehand cutting, for instance, the wheels will be subjected to exceedingly high lateral forces. For this type of application, the thicker wheels are reinforced with stronger glass fibre cloths. Accordingly, thinner wheels measuring 0.8 to 1.0 mm come with a thinner cloth. Either way, the reinforcement provides for greater stability.

Maximum performance, perfect protection and effortless handling with the Kronenflex® Tub

Klingspor delivers select cutting-off wheels in the convenient Kronenflex® Tub. Cutting-off wheels used directly after they come out of the storage tub offer 40 % greater performance. The tub furthermore protects the cutting-off wheels from bumps and blows as well as dirt and moisture, making it indispensable for use and storage in rough environments. The wheels stored in the tub are sealed airtight and will therefore stay fresh longer. Provided the tub is sealed again after a cutting-off wheel has been removed, all other wheels will retain their performance advantage as well.