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Consistently high aggressiveness and maximum abrasive performance with Kronenflex® grinding discs

Since 1950, Klingspor has been supplying their customers with high-quality grinding discs that are widely used in industry, trade and in the private sector. Held in particular esteem are the products of the Kronenflex® brand, which have proven their worth in real-world applications time and time again. The Kronenflex® discs and cup grinders included in Klingspor’s portfolio are distinguished by their high aggressiveness and deliver maximum stock removal. Stock removal rate and service life are balanced perfectly and are guaranteed for the entire useful life of the grinding discs.

High-performance grinding discs with a wide range of applications

Anyone who chooses to pair their angle grinder with a grinding disc from Klingspor’s product selection will benefit from the exceptional versatility of this combination. The fields of applications include the processing of

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Stone / concrete,
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Zinc die cast
  • Tool steel

This extensive range covers all important areas of materials processing. In addition to the sanding of surfaces, these products also allow for deburring, the bevelling of edges or the removal of scale.

Powerful products in the best-fitting version

Grinding discs sold under the Kronenflex® brand in Klingspor’s portfolio have a depressed centre. The design with a depressed centre is particularly beneficial to a grinding disc as it allows the disc to withstand the tremendous lateral forces that are generated during grinding.

Klingspor’s selection of grinding discs is all about variety. This variety is manifested in the different diameters, widths and holes that are available for the use on all types of standard machinery. This makes it a cinch for the user to find the product that fits their requirements perfectly. Every label indicates for which motor and which grinding speed the grinding discs are designed in order to achieve the best results.

Finding tools in all performance classes

Klingspor sells their grinding discs and many other products in a variety of performance classes. Grinding discs such as the A 24 in the Extra performance class manage to convince with their excellent price-performance ratio. The mid-range Supra performance class is comprised of products that deliver high performance and good service life at competitive prices. For applications that demand uncompromising performance, Klingspor recommends the products in the Special performance class such as the A 24 R/01.

The grinding discs engineered by Klingspor satisfy the strictest safety standards

Essential to practical use in the real world is that a grinding disc will demonstrate its best performance in all kinds of conditions, allowing the user to finish surfaces with great speed and thoroughness. Equally important, however, are the questions concerning safety: Klingspor tests their products in accordance with the strict oSa guidelines and therefore supplies products with certified safety. Also guaranteed is compliance with safety standard EN 12413. However, this high level of safety cannot be implemented unless the user acts in a mindful way. Correct use includes refraining from operating the Kronenflex® grinding discs with a speed that exceeds the maximum operating speed. This ensures that the disc will not be overloaded.