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Small, yet highly capable: Swift and safe sanding with Quick Change Discs

The name of Klingspor’s Quick Change Discs says it all. They allow the user to change their abrasive tool in a way that is exceedingly easy, quick and safe. Spots other products fail to reach are the workplace for these small abrasive discs with quick-release fastener. As Klingspor makes these products available in a host of versions with different grains, diameters and fasteners, the range of possible applications is extensive.

The market leading connectors at Klingspor: QMC and QRC

Klingspor offers their Quick Change Discs with two common types of fasteners. The systems that prevailed on the market are:

  • QMC: Plastic locking with inside thread and
  • QRC: Plastic locking with male thread

The QMC connector is simply screwed to the QMC 555 backing pad with the internal plastic thread. The QRC connector works by fixing the disc in place on the pad with the threaded sleeve and by securing it with a 180° turn. Both systems guarantee a safe and reliable connection.

Wide-ranging application options

While designed for use with pneumatic grinders, Klingspor’s Quick Change Discs can also be used on machines with the same design, but powered by an electric drive.

These products can be used for a multitude of materials and are a good choice for the surface treatment of such materials as

  • Varnish
  • Paint
  • Filler
  • Stainless steel
  • Metal

Optimum stock removal during these applications is ensured by such advanced and powerful grains as aluminium oxide, ceramic corundum and zirconia alumina. The products are guaranteed to deliver the best possible results on tools such as die grinders. Tools that are equally ideal for use with these products are the flexible shaft or a right angle die grinder.

Influencing stock removal with the backing pad

The stock removal rate of the Quick Change Discs can be influenced with the choice of the backing pad. The basic rule is that a harder backing pad will increase stock removal. It is therefore essential for each application that the user match the Quick Change Disc with the right backing pad in order to achieve the intended stock removal. Klingspor recommends the use of softer backing pads for work on profiled surfaces or whenever the work is supposed to produce an extra fine finish.

The backing pads QMC 555 or QRC 555 provide users with a backing pad that matches their quick change abrasive discs of the QMC or QRC series. Klingspor also carries the adapter QCA 555. This adapter makes it possible to fit Klingspor’s Quick Change Discs on any standard angle grinder.

Storing Quick Change Discs

There are only a few instructions that need to be followed for the storage of Quick Change Discs in order to preserve the high quality of the discs. The Quick Change Discs must be protected from heat, direct sunlight and contact with moisture. The recommended storage temperature of 18 to 22 °C is easy to maintain. Storing the discs for an extended period is therefore not a problem.